Lover of podcasts, stretchy pants, and my pup, Koda. Most days you can find me exploring hidden gems like cider houses and state parks, cuddling on the couch with my fiancee, or daydreaming about my next project. People often refer to me as laid-back. I like my drama on Grey's Anatomy and no where else. I'm mostly known for being lighthearted, fun-loving, and open minded. I love the new and fresh. My favorite thing is meeting new friends and learning about their corner of the world. Also, rallying my friends onto our next mini adventure. I love day trips and evenings in places I've never been.

If we were going to get specific...

I Believe...

Sunshine and fresh air is good for everything. It’s science

In singing in my car, at the top of my lungs, with full shoulder dancing

Doing things that scare you gets easier with practice

I am an excellent dancer, particularly my interpretive work ;)

I am most productive while procrastinating something else


I Love...

Travel. Be it statewide or worldwide

Hiking and Wine. In that order

Live concerts... in a park.... with flowers in my hair

Having friends around... all the time. 

As in, do you want to hang out - right now?

I'd love to hear more about you! Look me up on Instagram so we can be friends!