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Michael and Shanna started dating somewhere around 11 years ago in their (and my) hometown of Wolf Point. (Yes, they were indeed babies!...) They stuck together through high school and college, internships and student teaching, until finally they moved to Albany, New York. Michael, pursued his career at GE and Shanna, put her history degree to work as a curator for a ship memorial on the Hudson River. They were living 2000 miles from where they started their love story when Michael drove them to Central Park one winter night, in the falling snow, with a plan to concrete the rest of their lives together. He walked Shanna past the Rockefeller Christmas Tree for the first time, and with puffy flakes falling in their footprints, handed Shanna a letter that she wrote him when he left for college. She began to read the letter as he got out a ring and proposed. In the falling snow. In Central Park. (I love this story!) He had custom designed the ring with Montana Yogo Sapphires and once she saw it of course, she said yes! 

These two now had a wedding to plan and in doing so they wielded that same thoughtfulness that Michael invested in his proposal. Shanna and Michael held on to that letter from high school and along with two new unopened letters to each other placed them in a keepsake box during the ceremony. Shanna brought a prayer rock that, I kid you not, she has been carrying around in her pocket since the second grade! She also carried her Grandma Blue's necklace for her Something Blue, so neat. And finally, the couple selected wine from a vineyard in New York and beer made in Bozeman to serve to their guests as an homage to the places that are special to them.

Friends and family came from one end of the country in New York and the other end in Eastern Montana, which, whether you are flying from one or driving from the other both are probably about six hours. (Thanks Montana.) Guests celebrated on Thursday and were able to explore Yellowstone and Bozeman over the weekend. A perfect Montana wedding. 

Cheers Michael and Shanna!


Shanna told me she loves daisies, and guess what I found, randomly, growing wild at their venue!  

Vendors, Craftsman, and Artists that made their day even more amazing. 

Bride's Ring: DeJonghe Original Jewelry

Wedding Gown: Xena'a Bridal 

Caterer: Just a Taste

Venue: The Woodlands at Cottonwood Canyon

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Emily + Chaseton | Wedding at the Y Knot Barn in Pony, Montana https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2018/7/emily-chaseton I'm pretty sure there is no better honor as a photographer than when a wedding coordinator or photographer asks you to capture their wedding day. This year I'll do both! And the best thing about shooting a coordinators wedding is they KNOW how to host a great party and they know how to hold what is important above all else. 

Emily and Chaseton's love story played out perfectly at the Y Knot Barn in Pony. Their day, as a wedding coordinators would be, was perfectly curated with details special to them. First of all, they grew their own flowers! Why have I never thought of this!? Their bridal bouquets were so wild and gorgeous, everyone loved them. Emily's bouquet even included raspberries to represent the ring of berry vines that Chaseton made and proposed with. How sweet, right? Even so, you need to check out her Montana Sapphire ring they created together. I am such a fan of it! Plus, you'll see the "rock" Emily kept telling me she was going to bring. ... That's ...a crystal. I'm pretty sure. And it's Super Cool! It was so fun for me to get to work with all these unique details! Including Emily's Grandma's lucky six pence that she wore in her shoe. And not to mention, the Art on Canvas guest book that they created!  

It was beautiful and hot day in Pony with clouds building mercifully throughout the afternoon. Once the ceremony started the skies began to look more and more threatening. As Emily and her dad walked down the isle tiny drops started to occasionally dust the guests and cool them off. It was breezy and beautiful for their "I dos" and just as they shared their first kiss the skies opened up and it began to rain. Everyone laughed as the wind came up and they made their walk back down the isle to ever increasing rain and then full on Montana storm/sideways rain! The bridal party scrapped the rest of the recessional and every guest made a run for the barn! It was the perfect ending to the ceremony and start to their married life!

Emily and Chaseton, may you weather all life's storms together hand in hand like you did this one. Cheers Delzeits! 


Emily even designed their Wedding Invites. Check this talented woman out at EmeliaEveryday.com!

Little Isla's dress and the Emily's veil were made by this talented bride!  

Vendors, Craftsman, and Artists that made their day even more amazing. 

Event Design: Bride EmeliaEveryday 

Day of Support + Rentals: Abby Turner at Reed & Lee

Invitations: EmeliaEveryday 

Bride's Ring: Green Mountain Magpie

Wedding Gown: Eskay Bridal

Grooms Wardrobe: Men's Warehouse

Caterer: Mo'Bowls Food Truck

DJ: Missy O'Malley

Venue: Y Knot Barn

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Valerie + Tim | Wedding in Gallatin Canyon, Bozeman https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2018/7/valerie-tim


Valerie and Tim's wedding at Cache Creek Outfitters was a day of happy tears. Every time I turned around someone was getting a hug or some side eye where they were both trying to hold it together. Even Tim, who pretty much could not stop smiling all day was ready to lose it when he saw Valerie for the first time. Check out the shots from the first look. Those moments are one for the books, you guys. 

These two chose the perfect venue for their little mountain top wedding. I drove up 3 miles of gravel roads, I mean straight up, IN MY CAMRY, on a mountain road, to this venue in Gallatin Canyon! I'll be honest when I shoot weddings at somewhere THIS BEAUTIFUL, it is almost intimidating. I'm sitting there like,  "This is so gorgeous on its own! How do I capture all this epicness?!" But Valerie and Tim made that easy. Two people that are so cleary equally crazy about each other. Every spin and sun soaked moment between them was beautiful. They are so meant to be and I'm so happy for them. 

I loved spending your day with you guys. After spending just a few hours with you this year, I could easily see us as new best friends. Let's hang out soon. ;)  Hugs + Cheers ~ and enjoy the happy years to come ~ <3 <3 <3



Vendors, Craftsman, and Artists that made their day even more amazing. 

Day of Coordinating: Details Inspired Events

Invitations: Zazzle

Bride's Ring: Miller's Jewelry

Wedding Gown and Veil: Plume Bridal

Grooms Wardrobe: Men's Warehouse

Hair Stylist: Amber Spencer

Florals: Darcee the Flower Lady

Cake Artist: Family

Caterer and Venue: Cache Creek Outfitters

My Lovely Assistant: Aly Kaufman

h.heser@yahoo.com (Hayley Heser) https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2018/7/valerie-tim Wed, 11 Jul 2018 20:05:39 GMT
Randi + Daniel | Wedding at Roy's Barn in Bozeman https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2018/6/randi-daniel This was a day that made me fall for weddings all over again. And not because every detail was thoughtful and beautiful or because the location is one of my favorites on the planet. I mean, it was those things, BUT the family and guests in Randi and Dan's wedding were everything. So many times you could see them holding hands or wiping away each others tears. So many times you could find a meaningful look across the room or a toast that would make the receiver feel like they could take on the world. All of this stemmed from Randi and Daniel. A couple that were so in love, sweet and kind to each other. So happy to start their lives together and so appreciative of everyone that had gotten them this far. 

It was a beautiful day at Roy's Barn in Bozeman. Family and friends traveled from across the country and were rewarded with our signature indecisive weather patterns. A rainy morning gave way to quick cloud bursts that parted by afternoon when the earth was warmed by bright sunny skies. Randi and Daniel's guests enjoyed an outdoor cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, the most heartfelt toasts you've ever heard, a sparkler exit, and all the finest desserts. These pictures tell it better than I can, so scroll on friends, scroll on. 

But First, Cheers to Randi and Daniel!!


(Lobster Socks) Because "She's his Lobster!" If you watch "Friends" you get it. 

Daniel wore his Grandfather's ID tag

Randi wore a heart sewn from one of her Dad's old shirts. 


They were both a big fan of the chickens 

Honey from a friend in Sheridan was bottled by Dan and Glen


Dan made a cheesecake for Randi the first time he visited her in Ohio. She reported she was "History" after that! :)     

Vendors, Craftsman, and Artists that made their day even more amazing. 

Invitations: Feel Good Invites

Rings: Worthington Jewelers

Wedding Gown and Veil: Eskay Bridal

Suits and Bridesmaid Dresses: Eskay Bridal

Hair Stylist: Carissa Seconda

Makeup Artist: Mesa Pfeifer

Florist: Budget Bouquet and More

Cake Artist: Montana Cake Whisperers

DJ: Bozeman DJ

Caterer: Pepper Tree Deli

Officiant: Reverand Keith Anderson

Special thanks to one of my best friends, Rebekah Hall, for driving the 6 hours from Couer D'Alene to assist me at this wedding!

h.heser@yahoo.com (Hayley Heser) https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2018/6/randi-daniel Fri, 22 Jun 2018 17:28:33 GMT
Kali + Nathan | Wedding at The Hart Ranch in Bozeman, Montana https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2018/6/kali-nathan

Kali and Nathan hosted the most beautiful wedding at the Hart Ranch in Bozeman this weekend. If you want to know how to be a dream bride and groom to capture and make all of your 300 guests feel loved and appreciated, ask these two. First of all, they were absolutely giddy on their wedding day. Nathan would go from planting a kiss, to dipping kali, to picking up and spinning her in a matter of seconds. Every time I looked at Nathan he had a huge smile on his face, and Kali, well, I'm not sure she ever stops smiling. Both of them shared a contagious joy with all of their family and and close friends that was unavoidable! 

The day was filled with well thought out details for their guest at a venue that's indoor/outdoor space is becoming a new favorite. Kali and Nathan created a smores bar, a poloriod guest book, they served handpicked wines (from California where they currently live), we set up my photo booth, and they hosted dancing. So much country swing dancing. Seriously, such a fun wedding. I hated to leave! 

Congrats Kali and Nathan! I absolutely loved spending the day with you. I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon in California today. ❤️


These Cupcakes, you guys. They had nerds on top! Cupcake Mountain Cupcakery, you are geniuses! 


Thank you Aly for being the world's be assistant. You are so awesome! And thank you for keeping this donkey out of all my shots. 😂

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Arrival of Baby Landon https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2018/2/arrival-of-baby-landon Landon Jonathan Jared Haynie arrived at 10:05AM on February 10th, 2018. He weighed in at 6 pounds, 12 ounces and 20.5 inches long.

Britany and Josh were not the only ones patiently waiting for this little guys arrival. Britney and I have been lifting at her lunch hour during her entire pregnancy and at one of those sessions she asked me if I would photograph their birth story. I said, Heck Yes! I've wanted to photograph a birth for a while and had planned on capturing a couple but nothing had worked out yet. So, all week I've been anxiously on-call waiting for her to go into labor. Meeting her everyday at lunch and hearing how ready she was to meet this little guy. Watching him grow in his momma's belly all winter, spending a few hours a week with them, I felt the same. Although, maybe not as urgently as she did.. ;) 

After Britney and Josh's treacherous drive to Miles City for their appointment on Thursday, the roads closed behind them and they were told to stay in MC for induction. Another couple beat them in to labor with their doc on Thursday night so Friday morning Brit, Josh, and Landon started the process. Saturday morning I got the call that things were progressing and Lee and I headed to Miles City with snacks, reading material, and warm coats. It had been dumping snow all week and the temps the night before reached -66 below (with wind chill) in Miles City. A record of some sort, I'm sure. It was a great day to become a Montanan. ;) 

Upon arrival, we met with their families and learned that Britany had been taken in for a cesarean since she wasn't progressing as quick as they hoped and it was time for baby Landon to meet the world. Another minute and we turned around to see he had, in fact, made his arrival and was just then getting his first bath. 10 little fingers and 10 little toes, he was squishy and perfect. Britney was doing great in recovery while Josh stood by his son looking like a proud/scared dad while his parents, and their sisters oogled him through the window. I realized Brit was missing this, the first time Josh got to hold his son, his first bath, weight, and foot printing... I knew how much she would love to see these moments so I went to work with the only angle I had, through the viewing window. Lots of hugs, congrats, and first meetings carried on in the next few hours and while I didn't get to capture the entire birth story; contractions and all, I love being a fly on the wall during these huge, momentous, life changing, emotional days in my friends lives.

Congrats Mom and Dad. 


I had to share some Fit Mom inspiration because I've been so impressed with her determination to stay strong during her pregnancy.

It got up to 1 degree on the drive to Miles City, but settled at 16 below upon arrival. It rained this week. Thanks Montana.  Their student nurse Victoreya, told us this was her first birth and she was trying not to cry during the delivery. Their Doc, Dr. Harrold, said he's delivered 8000 babies in his career! Mind blown. 

Frosty hills and a pretty sunset on the way home.


h.heser@yahoo.com (Hayley Heser) https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2018/2/arrival-of-baby-landon Sun, 11 Feb 2018 20:47:02 GMT
Dayton + Shaun | Montana State Capital and Helena Civic Center Wedding https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2018/1/dayton-shaun Let me start with this. Confetti Cannons. CONFETTI CANNONS! Dayton and Shaun had CONFETTI CANNONS blasted over their guests to ring in their marriage! This, my friends, is a sign of two men that know how to throw a party. This was the party of their lives and did they EVER HOST IT WELL. SO. MANY. sparkling and thoughtful details were dreamt up and artfully constructed for their wedding celebration.... They created floral centerpieces, built champagne towers and glitter horses, compiled witty toasts, sent out road trip playlists, and even designed a custom logo for the wedding. This was a labor of love and they were all about celebrating this union in style. As everyone arrived you could feel the love all of their guests for had for them and the excitement they shared for their marriage.

And celebrate they did! Taking notes from Dayton and Shaun's wedding style board, the guests arrived in sequins and tuxes with a Great Gatsby feel that was classy and romantic. Family and friends watched as these two grooms committed to each other in a circular ceremony under icicles, greenery, and lights and later, were given glow sticks to dance like no one was watching. 

So much to see below including some surprises like a pic with Governor, Steve Bullock!

Cheers Dayton and Shaun! I am so happy I got to share this awesome day with you! 

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Cathy + Chad | Wedding in the Black Hills, South Dakota https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2017/12/cathy-chad-wedding-in-the-black-hills-south-dakota

Cathy and Chad's wedding in the Black Hills near Custer, South Dakota was as idyllic as weddings get for me.

First of all, Lee drove me there and assisted me, which made me feel like a pretty, pretty princess to have help from my Husband. Oh, off season weddings, you are a dream... We made a trip out of it and went to wine tastings, visited friends in Wyoming, and caught a plane to Minneapolis for an extended trip after the weekend. Plus, the temps were so warm for this winter wedding that we woke up and went hiking! Once to scope out locations and once with the bride and groom! Yes, dress and all!

Secondly, Cathy and Chad are the best. As if you didn't already know this when I said I went HIKING with the bride and groom but let me count the ways...

They are related to Jana and Brandon, whose wedding I photographed last winter, so we already knew each other. Jana even officiated the ceremony! They were super laid back and supportive of each other, which just makes the process way more fun. They chose to host their wedding in the woods at the State Game Lodge, AKA the "Summer Whitehouse"~ ONLY an awesome historic building cozy with fireplaces and interesting taxidermy. 😉 And, they value simplicity and beautiful details. Cathy selected pretty pieces like her heirloom black hills gold bracelet and Chad was married with an antler encrusted wedding band. These adornments and the stunning evergreens and twinkle lights that covered the reception space were the only pretty details they needed.  Just a dream. Needless to say, I loved photographing this wedding.

I met Chad and, briefly, Cathy at Chad's Brother's wedding last winter so it was such a thrill when Cathy called and asked if I would photograph their wedding as well! I love this "in-the-family" business! And while I was hesitant to book a wedding six hours from home, in DECEMBER, I agreed. And I'm so glad I did! These two were into a no fuss, beautiful day. They chose not to select a bridal party so we had the whole afternoon to catch up while I photographed Cathy's details and then headed out to have their first look at a near by lake. Lee and I stood by while Chad and Cathy met for the first time on the dock and after a few sweet moments we headed for the incredible rocks at the back of the lake. Nothing like a wedding day hike to get those fresh air-good vibes rolling before the ceremony. And you guys, it was sooooo worth it! It was gorgeous back there and Cathy and Chad looked absolutely amazing. So sweet and breathtaking... images I only dreamed we could capture at their winter wedding. 🙃 We were all on Cloud 9 as we hustled back to the State Game Lodge. 

It was a lovely evening celebrated with only the most important things. Friends, family, a touch of style, tiny cakes.., and each other. What a perfect day. Thank you Chad and Cathy for asking me to share it with you. ❤️ 


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Michael + Brette | Lewistown, Montana Wedding https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2017/10/michael-brette

There were so many wonderful things about this wedding! MICHAEL AND BRETTE GOT MARRIED!! Completing a year where three out of four of the Pawlowski men got married. Lee's Dad, Ryan, and Ida in March, Lee and I in June, and now Michael and Brette in October. At least one of us should always know how long we've been married... ;) In addition, this beauty was my last wedding of the season and I'm so glad I was blessed to round out this part of the year with our family. We toasted, celebrated, (Lee even gave a speech), and danced till our feet couldn't couldn't take it anymore with these smiling newlyweds. 

Congratulations from the bottom of my heart, Michael and Brette! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to spend many more holidays together! Not to mention many more nights drinking wine and playing "Exploding Kittens!" You are a perfect fit for each other and I loved spending your wedding day documenting your love. 


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Kelsey & Josh | Wedding at the Yellowstone Art Museum https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2017/10/kelsey-josh In the last four weekends, I've been traveling between Whitehall, Billings, Bozeman, and back to Billings again to photograph beautiful -- albeit weather challenged -- ceremonies with new and old friends. My final wedding before I pointed my car for home was Kelsey and Josh's at the Yellowstone Art Museum. I've been looking forward to their wedding since this summer when we met to take engagement photos. After, we grabbed a drink downtown so these two could tell me all of their plans for their non-traditional, rose gold speckled, family oriented, Autumn wedding at the YAM.

When I arrived on their wedding day, I'd almost forgotten about the men in kilts I was going to get to photograph! A mix of their celtic heritage and a labor of love by Kelsey's Mom, Janet, adorned the classy Art Museum venue with purple plaid kilts, pink roses, home grown white pumpkins, and copper twinkle lights. It was a fun twist away from the rustic outdoor venues I've seen this year!

Kelsey and Josh didn't feel the need to conform to bridal tradition, and I am such a fan of that mentality! Kelsey had her two best friends as Maid of Honors while Josh asked his sister to be his "Best Person." Kelsey walked down the isle with her two year old flower girl to the sound of Josh's brother playing Death Cab's "I will follow you into the dark" and Coldplay's "Viva la Vida." Kelsey's cousin, Seisin, officiated their personal and heartfelt ceremony in front of the work of Andy Worhal in the museum's main gallery. After the sweet and emotional ceremony, even I was holding back tears while the newlyweds marched back down the isle together under swords hovering just above their heads. As rain drops began to fall outside on the crinkly fall leaves and the quickly darkening sky, Kelsey and Josh celebrated tucked in the warm lobby with family and friends. 

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your beautiful wedding day, Kelsey and Josh. Congrats to the both of you! 

h.heser@yahoo.com (Hayley Heser) https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2017/10/kelsey-josh Wed, 11 Oct 2017 16:42:41 GMT
Katie & Ryan | Wedding at The Big Yellow Barn, Bozeman MT https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2017/10/van-meter

Saturday marked the joining of two wonderful families from Indiana and Montana at the Big Yellow Barn in Bozeman. With a 90% chance of rain in the forecast we all just prayed that we could get enough clear skies for a few photos in front of the Bridger Mountains. Katie and Ryan had flown in from Atlanta, GA after all to marry in one of Katie's favorite places, Bozeman, MT. As luck would have it, just as we were wrapping up the last of the family photos drops started to fall and the storm blew in. As the clouds started to settle over the mountains we all huddled inside the barn for their cozy ceremony. 

Katie and Ryan's wedding was a beautiful celebration of love followed by heartfelt toasts by their family members, carefree dancing, and perfect memories no matter how imperfect the weather. 

Congrats Katie and Ryan! I hope you are having the best honeymoon in Big Sky! 


Katie's ring was made with heirloom Yogo Sapphires from her Grandmother.  They made both of their rings in Montana.

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Vanessa Wagner | Williston High School Senior https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2017/9/vanessa-wagner-williston-high-school-senior Vanessa and I decided on Fort Peck for her senior session, because we both are a lover of landscapes and nature. We tripped around from town, to the park, to the dredge cuts, to a hayfield that turns out was a swarming with mosquitoes. We pretty sure we had to run for our lives from the massive amounts of bugs! This girl didn't let that phase her though! 

Love how Vanessa's beach images turned out... I'm still dreaming of these Summer nights. 


h.heser@yahoo.com (Hayley Heser) eastern fort high montana peck pictures school senior williston https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2017/9/vanessa-wagner-williston-high-school-senior Fri, 29 Sep 2017 16:55:46 GMT
Kaitlyn Toavs | Lustre High School Senior https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2017/9/kaitlyn-toavs Remember Summer? Sunshine, green grass, 80+ temps. Yeah, it was pretty sweet. Kaitlyn, her Mom, Michelle, and I rode around the river bottom in a side-by-side (piled into a 2 seat, side by side to be exact) to take Kaitlyn's Senior photos this Summer and it was glorious. Kaitlyn was the first senior I'd had in a while and she had no problem letting her personality sparkle. I love meeting this high school girls and seeing the bright light they bring to their families and schools. 

Kaitlyn, I hope you have the best Senior Year in Lustre. Live it up! ❤️

h.heser@yahoo.com (Hayley Heser) https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2017/9/kaitlyn-toavs Fri, 29 Sep 2017 16:47:17 GMT
Darrian & Alex | Wedding at The Billings Depot https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2017/9/darrian-alex-wedding-at-the-billings-depot

Darrian's smile could light up a room any day, but especially on her wedding day. Everytime she was close to Alex, her new husband, she glowed a little more. It was so fun to be their wedding photographer and witness their love up close. Darrian and Alex's wedding at the Billings Depot was the stuff of dreams, complete with horse and white pumpkin carriage. Thanks to their families and the most amazing vendors in Billings, Darrian and Alex's wedding had a million beautiful details and a whole lot of love. The artful design of the day between heart stopping florals from Mac's Floral, the seamless coordination from Pat Clark, trend setting decor by Better to Gather, and delicious meal made my Lilac was perfection. Together with the couple they created a dreamy space that felt so romantic. 

Darrian and Alex's wedding was visually gorgeous but even more so it was about bringing their families together to celebrate with them. A couple hundred family and friends traveled from across the state as well as the country to watch them say "I Do" at the Depot. Intimate details came from all parts of their families to make the day special; Darrian's grandma embroidered a patch that said "Mrs. Alex Walker" for the inside of her gown, Darrian shared the same sparkly Keds as her flower girl, Sadie, all FOUR of their parents gave a toast, and so much more. The dance floor was packed all night and they rounded out the event with milk and special cookies from Carmel Cookie Waffle. A Billings favorite that their guests loved... and I only had three. ;) It was a stunning wedding and an even better party. 

Darrian and Alex, I hope you are having the most relaxing and fun Honeymoon in Jamaica! Congrats, Newlyweds! 


AND special thanks the Amber Renee Photography for photographing this wedding with me!


h.heser@yahoo.com (Hayley Heser) billings bozeman wedding depot montana montana wedding photography wedding https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2017/9/darrian-alex-wedding-at-the-billings-depot Thu, 28 Sep 2017 20:31:59 GMT
Laura + Tony | Wedding at Homestake Lodge https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2017/9/laura-tony-wedding-at-homestake-lodge

Laura and Tony's wedding weekend started with a "SURPRISE!, it's going to dump snow for three days on your wedding venue." Good news for the fires in Western Montana, not so great for the dreamy Fall wedding that the couple planned at Homestake Lodge. But, Oh, was it BEAUTIFUL anyway. And unforgettable.

Aly and I met in the Target parking lot as she ran inside to buy snow boots and coffee provisions. This was the first time I met Aly, my new assistant/friend and I was like, "Hey, ready for a trip into the mountains?" She grabbed the warmest coat she owned, hopped in the car, and we headed toward Whitehall. As we made the trip up from Bozeman we watched the storm lift and the skies begin to open. After a slight detour where Apple Maps tried to send us to the wrong side of the mountain and ACROSS the forest service. On dirt roads. In my car. :| We made it to the venue to see the trees heavy with snow. The earth was warm (it was 90 degrees 4 days before) so the roads melted off quickly, the sun started to peak out and we knew the day was going to go off beautifully.  

Laura and Tony were in excellent spirits despite the necessity to move their ceremony indoors and the 15 inches of snow on the ground. How could they not be though? All of their family and friends were comfortable in the cabin and every detail was being attended to by loving helpers. Thanks to Laura, her Mom, Kelli, and their coordinator, Barb, this was a beautifully curated wedding. The event carried a theme of rose gold/copper and lavender which could be seen everywhere. Copper mugs, sequin table covers, her sister's dress, plus a rose gold glitter in Laura's gown and ballet flats. The aroma of lavender (chosen for her grandmother) had a calming effect in the bouquets and at every place setting. There was definitely a labor of love leading up to the day as well.  Laura's Mom, a talented designer, and her Dad, Terry, spent an entire day making each Invitation and Save the Date by hand in their new letter press machine. Not to mention tons of hand made signs and stationary for the reception. In addition, her family baked desserts and did so much more. With the help of some incredibly talented vendors and family they pulled together an absolutely stunning day.

Laura and Tony, Aly and I loved spending the day with you and your big loving families!  We are wishing you two all the best in your marriage and lives. 

Thank you to Aly Kaufman for agreeing to assist and second shoot this wedding with me. Couldn't have done it without you!

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Kayla + Mike | Hart Ranch Wedding, Bozeman Montana https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2017/8/kayla-mike

My last wedding for a few weeks, I road tripped it up to Bozeman to capture Kayla and Mike's sweet wedding day last weekend. A perfectly accented day that was custom designed to reflect their love in life and each other. Kayla and Mike's beautiful wedding at the Hart Ranch in Bozeman was full of laughs and good times. I was so glad to join Kayla and Mike and once again document their happy go lucky love for each other. 

If you were to name the theme of Kayla and Mike's wedding, it was Brews and Bobcats. It doesn't get any more personal and authentic for the two of them. Check out below their invites designed to look like game tickets! Not to mention, guests were served tailgate style cocktail snacks, including Kayla's favorite combination of Sea Salt and Vinegar and Cheddar flavored potato chips, while the tables were decorated with microbrew growlers and blue and gold M&Ms. My favorite touch was during the ceremony. In place of a sand ceremony or unity candle, Mike and Kayla blended two of their favorite Summer ales and toasted at the alter. It was so them and so perfect. 

Kayla and Mike celebrated their day with friends, family, and a pile of tiny nieces and nephews. The little girls followed Kayla around throughout the day in their puffy, white tulle dresses and flower crowns. They were given in a place in the ceremony, requested in special photos, and even spoke during the toasts and saying of grace. Their nephew, Henry, a little more shy, had to be carried down the isle by his Dad but loved his matching socks and suit none the less. 

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Stephani & Ben | Hilger, Montana Backyard Wedding https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2017/8/stephani-ben

As someone who has driven the state quite a bit this Summer, I get a little giddy when I find out I get to go somewhere new. This weekend Arielle and I traveled to the end of a two lane road in Central Montana to the tiny town of Winifred. Stephani grew up not far away on her family's farm near Hilger, Montana, another even tinier town. What we found when we got there was an oasis in the middle of the prairie. Main street Winifred has had a face lift recently in the form of a brand new hotel/bowling alley/bar/restaurant, I'd heard about it and I was curious to check it out. Winifred International Suites did not disappoint. Each room had a different theme; Paris, San Fransisco, New York, Shanghai, Ancient Greece, ect. It was pretty awesome and totally unexpected in this little community. After a drive out to the family farm, but were surprised that it too felt like an oasis. Multiple levels of yards, flowers, and landscaping perfectly watered and groomed to host its seventh wedding. Stephani's adoptive parents and sisters were all married in this same backyard and I was so excited to experience one of the weddings for myself. 

Stephani and Ben are a dream couple. I met them last Fall when we met up for their engagement session and a couple beers in Red Lodge. It's hard to put into words how well they fit together and how much I enjoyed photographing their happiness. Their wedding day was filled to the brim with love, laughter, and people that love to have a good time. Picture all of their guests dancing under the moon on the dance floor placed between their two old farm houses. A party tent in the yard with twinkle lights and grandmas and aunties rocking grand babies to sleep on the porch while they watched the party go on. It was perfect. 

Steph and Ben's wedding included just enough handpicked touches to make it special. A cake, pies, and flowers were contributed by family, a neighbor down the road did the catering, an old friend DJ'd the dance, and Stephani's brother officiated the ceremony. The bridesmaids wore handmade jewelry, floral robes and dresses while the groomsmen chose from a collection of Bolo ties to wear for the occasion.

 When it came time for the ceremony, Steph put tiny flowers in her hair and walked down the isle to marry Ben surrounded by so much love. I wish we could do it again. :) 

Happiest of Wishes to Steph and Ben! It's been an honor getting to know you. I hope you love married life in Missoula!


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Aubrey Zilkoski | Wolf Point High School 2018 Senior https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2017/8/aubrey-zilkoski-wolf-point-high-school-2018-senior Aubrey had big plans for her Senior Portraits and I couldn't have been more on board! When I knew she was game for anything I pulled the smoke bombs and the sparklers out of my trunk and things got real. I love a girl with her own ideas and a mind that is open to anything. I can't wait to see where life takes this authentic and beautiful girl! 

Wolf Point High School, Class of 2018, HER SHE COMES! 


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Jeff + Dacia | Wedding at the Rocking TJ Ranch in Bozeman https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2017/7/jeff-dacia

Good Afternoon, Sunshines!! I'm so excited to share with you a little peek at Dacia and Jeff's wedding day at the Rocking TJ Ranch in, you guessed it, my favorite place, Bozeman Montana! I was so excited to have back to back weddings there the last two weekends. I went ahead and spent the week in between reveling in all my favorite things to do in Bozeman including meeting up with friends I haven't seen in forever and drinking decaf, coconut milk, vanilla lattes. Or as I've learned they call them at the coffee shop, a "Why Bother!" HAHA. Jeff and Dacia's wedding was the perfect way to wrap up my week there AND I was lucky enough to have a second photographer work with me at this wedding. It was so fun to work with a pro like Ian, plus I got to hang out with the ladies while he documented the afternoon with Jeff and the groomsmen. It was awesome having Ian's upbeat energy working beside me all day, not to mention, having him capture some great photos!

I met Jeff exactly a year ago when he was a groomsman in Tyler and Korrin's wedding in Belgrade. He emailed me last Fall and his initial email said something like, "We're 99% sure we want to book you for our wedding!" I was like, best inquiry email ever. Let's do this! I formally met Dacia at their engagement session this Spring. It was a drizzly May morning when we met up at Axtel Bridge on the Gallatin River. It was so fun to hang out with the two of them. I could tell immediately they were a unit. Totally devoted to one another and so ready to spend their lives together. They have been together for quite a few years and were living long distance at the time, both relationship aspects that I can totally relate to. After their session we grabbed coffee and when I asked what they were most looking forward to on their wedding day, Dacia responded, "Mostly just being married." I've gotten a ton of different responses to this question but hers was so sweet. What is better than looking forward to doing life together?!?

Let me say, The Rocking TJ Ranch puts on a gorgeous and perfectly coordinated affair. From pretty place settings to deliciously elegant hors d oeuvres. Even the main course had a neat bridal flair with touches of carnation petals in the salad and brightest colored vegetables I've ever seen! Jeff, Dacia, their closest friends, and family spent the day on the beautiful property surrounded by grain fields and a tranquil creek cutting through. Two of Dacia's Uncles sang classical music during the mountain view ceremony and close friends and cousins gave toasts in the dining room, just heartfelt enough to make my heart swell a little. It was a lovely afternoon followed by dancing into the night on the patio. I can't wait for you to see it all below! 

Congrats Jeff and Dacia! Thanks for sharing your day with Ian and I! We're wishing you all the best! 


Creatives, craftsmen, and vendors that made their day even more amazing:

Venue: The Rocking TJ Ranch

Bride's Dress: Belles & Lace Bridal - Great Falls

Bride's Hair & Makeup: Beauty and the Belief

Tux Rental: After 5 and Weddings

Bridesmaid Dresses: The Bride's Shoppe - Great Falls

Engagement Ring: Riddle's Jewelry

Florist: Budget Bouquet and More

Cake Artist: Sweet Pea Bakery

DJ: Joe's DJ Service

Catering: Catering Under the Big Sky @ Rockin TJ Ranch

Videographer: Bonafide Film House

Second Photographer: Ian Hanson

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Stephanie and Zac | Wedding at Roy's Barn and Lodge, Bozeman https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2017/7/steph-and-zac-wedding-at-roys-barn-and-lodge-bozeman  

Let's talk about fate for a minute. You know when something really sh*tty happens to you... like you wreck your car or you break your ankle. Sometimes it is just that. Pure and simple, life being a jerk, but sometimes... it points you in exactly the direction you need to go. I feel like that is what happened to Zac and Stephanie. Life pushed them in a million directions until finally Zac injured his knee backpacking and happened to seek physical therapy from Steph's practice. It kind of reminds me of a Casablanca moment. "Of all the [PT clinics] in all the towns in all the world, [you] happened to walk into mine." or maybe it is like a country song, because I'm pretty sure, "God blessed the broken road that led [him straight to her]." From my view, that's what happened here. And it wasn't easy or simple. It wasn't a fairy tale, but kind of. When I see them together, I see two people that are crazy about each other and wanted it bad enough to make it work. Zac moved to California for an engineering job shortly after they met. They dated long distance until Stephanie decided to uproot herself from Montana and give love a chance. In the end we were all so happy that she did. As a couple on their wedding day, there couldn't have been more joy and support for the two of them. I'm so freaking thrilled to say "CONGRATULATIONS!!" to my friends, Stephanie and Zac, for their beautiful commitment to each other. (Crying happy tears emoji face) ;) 

 I'll let the pictures do most of the talking but I will say that this couple was blessed with a beautifully coordinated wedding day with so many friends and family offering their help. In addition, is was a day so sentimental with thoughtful touches from not only Steph and Zac but also their guests. Let's start with the fact that they had 16 people stand up with them. SIXTEEN. Friends that brought handmade scrapbooks and cards to make the day feel special. Some that offered their skills in makeup, decorating, music,.. and basically getting sh*t done. There was a surprise song dedication sung by Steph's cousins, a tree ceremony (from the Neubauer Tree Farm), a horse and carriage brought all the way from Wolf Point, and so much more. The day brought together so many wonderful and wild people that Steph and Zac have collected throughout their lives. The Zupan's and the Neubauer's are already fun loving families, just add in all their awesome friends, this wedding was guaranteed to be a good time. Steph and Zac are soo loved partly because... how can I put this, THEY ARE SUPER FUN! So much so that at least 10 people stood up to share stories and give heartfelt toasts after dinner. Tears and wild laughter can be seen in almost every photo. Steph and Zac, I had a blast spending the weekend with you. Thank you for including me in your festivities and once again, CONGRATS! 


Creatives, craftsmen, and vendors that made their day even more amazing:

Venue: Roy's Barn and Lodge

Bride's Dress: Belle en Blanc - Lilian West

Bride's Hair Stylist: Sarah Engholm

Bride's Makeup: Jaclyn Fearis

Tux Rental: Eskay Bridal

Engagement Ring: Ritani

Florist: Friesen's Floral and Greenhouse

Officiant: Trent Berg, Brother In-Law to the Bride

Music: Bull Mountain Boys

Catering: Gallatin Valley Catering

Clydesdale Horses and Chariot: Paul Sievers

Shout out to Tabitha for being a top shelf bridal assistant. Plus, Kendra Steppler and Nicole Patch for assisting me and second shooting throughout the day! 

h.heser@yahoo.com (Hayley Heser) https://www.hayleyheser.com/blog/2017/7/steph-and-zac-wedding-at-roys-barn-and-lodge-bozeman Thu, 20 Jul 2017 21:43:27 GMT