Hayley Heser | Hilja & Michael | Wedding at the Gallatin River Lodge

Hilja & Michael | Wedding at the Gallatin River Lodge

October 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I met Hilja and this awesome crew of Pi Phi Sorority sisters a little over a year ago at Reva and Ty's wedding in Bozeman. Since then I've had the amazing job of photographing three of their weddings and one more coming up in January! I feel pretty lucky to be a part of each of their weddings, as they always end in a great party and start with beautiful photos of awesome people!

I was especially stoked when Hilja asked me to shoot her wedding,... but first I had to ask Lacie if I was saying it right. "Hill-ya. Like Hell-Yea!, she said." ;D Awesome. I'll never forget. ;)

Hilja and Michael are couple of the coolest, most down to earth people I've got to hangout with this year. During toasts and throughout the night I could hear all of their guests confirming my impressions of them. I loved how they weren't worried about all the tiny extras and details in their wedding. She had a great dress, her grandmother's ring, best friends, they had family to officiate the ceremony and that's all the special details they needed. They just wanted a simple day with friends and family in the cozy Gallatin River Lodge. Luckily, the weather gods graced us with 75 degree weather... instead of the snow storm that easily could have been the case in late October. Plus, there were still a few leaves gracing the trees to make things pretty for me. Thanks nature!

I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story - stroll on, friends!


These two shared a sweet first look with only a few family breezing by and shouting compliments on the way to their room. ;)


I love these girls! I'm so glad they welcomed me into their crew this year! I can't wait till I see them again at Jana's wedding! :D

"Guy's I need you to hold these. Okay, great. Now POSE!" Some did better than others.... 

   Michael's sister, Betsy, officiated the ceremony. With only few tears and tough moments they made it to their "I Dos."  Just under 100 people squeezed into the the glorified living room and balcony space to celebrate with them.     After grabbing a shot of the whole group, I got to sneak off with Hilja and Michael for sunset photos. My fav! We cruised to Thorpe Road to get some shots with the leaves and the mountain views.

I brought my Photo Booth, They brought the fun. :)


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