Hayley Heser | CeCelia & Andrew | Winter Wedding in Lewistown, Montana

CeCelia & Andrew | Winter Wedding in Lewistown, Montana

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Nothing was more evident on CeCelia and Andrew's wedding day than how happy they were to marry each other. Their love was radiating from them every time CeCe laughed, her distinctive, joyful laugh and Andrew squeezed her close. They didn't waste a minute of their wedding day. They spent it stealing dances and sneaking kisses, and reveling in their forever. I was so happy to be there to capture these moments for two truly awesome people.

CeCe and Andrew planned a winter wedding in their hometown of Lewistown, Montana. I've always been a fan of Lewistown's quaint downtown and pine filled valleys. It is one of my favorite places because it is where the plains meet the mountains and anytime I'm in the mountains, I'm happy.  After a little back and forth, CeCe and Andrew decided it was the perfect setting for their wedding. Andrew's Grandmother gifted CeCe a fur wrap that inspired the winter wedding dreams and once they started, CeCe was enchanted. CeCe, not one to stick to the ordinary, envisioned a day with twinkling Christmas lights, falling snow, and stunning winter style. Lewistown could offer all of that.

CeCe's details were unreal. From hand penned invitations from Penned Designs, to her grandmother's aquamarine engagement ring, and tons of goodies from etsy in between, every sentimental detail was hand selected by a bride with an envious sense of style. I love how she classed it up in furs, Chanel, and Tiffany pearls. Not to mention snow boots and crochet hand warmers.

The bride had some extra help with her wedding day attire. Andrew chose every sapphire in CeCe's wedding band and her veil was worn by her sister, Helen, on her wedding day. 

Can we all revel in how gorgeous CeCe's wedding day hair was? She says, and I quote, "This is why you bring in a pro." Note taken, CeCelia. Alice Frank did an amazing job styling it for her.

CeCe, her sisters, Helen and Katy, and her Mom, Mary all got prepped for the day at CeCe's adorable house not far from downtown Lewistown. 

Alpine Floral made such pretty succulent and rose bouquets for the girls'. Plus, their hand crochet wraps made them comfy and current. ;)

 They were blessed to have both Andrew's brothers Phil and Mike Jr. at the wedding even though Phil is active in the service. CeCe choose champagne pink and literally, navy blue to compliment Andrew's brother's dress blues. Being close to home, their families made up an even more important part of their wedding day. 

Saint Leo the Great Catholic Church provided such a pretty, grand setting for the ceremony.

Their delicious dinner and reception were hosted at the The Calvert Hotel. The decorations in the reception rooms were insanely beautiful and artfully put together. A family friend, Vicki, worked tirelessly to make the space look romantic and cozy with twinkle lights, endless gold and blush details, hand arranged flowers, and tons of candles.

I am still dreaming about this "gift from heaven" of a cake from Jayne's Signature Sweets in Billings. It was so delicious that it disappeared almost immediately after it was cut. 

At their reception, Katy gave this wonderful, yet comically long speech during which she spoke about how she asked her sister what would be different now that she and Andrew where married. She said simply, "Now we are a team."

About the time I left the reception, CeCe and Andrew were the only ones on the dance floor. They were dancing exuberantly, huge smiles on their faces, singing to each other, CeCe clutching her ribs in laughter, caught up in happiness.


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