Hayley Heser | Ben & Shannon - Trout Lake Cabin Wedding

Ben & Shannon - Trout Lake Cabin Wedding

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I'm was so honored to be able to photograph my brother Ben and new sister Shannon's wedding this weekend in Trout Lake, Washington. Ben and Shannon planned an intimate wedding at their friend's beautiful cabin and property tucked in the pines. Friends and family arrived from around the country and UK for a night of fun, love, and dancing to iPod playlist gold under the stars. 

You may see me as honorary bridesmaid in a few of these photos! A special 'Thank You' to Mary Rees for helping me appear in my brother's wedding and pulling through for us all day. :) These two had the dream team of friends and family pitching in to make every aspect of their day personal and awesome. From homemade centerpieces, pies, fresh caught Alaskan Salmon, and Rainier Beer; they hosted an event that was totally their own.  I'm so happy to see you two married, to have a new sister, and to have been able to help plan and capture it from day one. I love you guys!

 P.S. I was in Washington/Oregon all week so we were able to do Ben and Shan's portraits on a different night. Hold your breath for that post, it is going to blow you away!

Shannon's Chacos broke so these are her something borrowed and blue which she knew she had to rock on her wedding day. 

I thought Shannon should have some plaid, so I whipped up this sweet garter for her.

Her pearls were her grandmother's and Shannon had her gorgeous flower crown made similar to the one her Mom wore on her wedding day.

My Mom, Hanah, and I picked her flowers at an orchard in Hood River a couple days before the wedding.

And when you tell Shannon to smell her flowers, this is what happens. If you know Shannon, you know the sound that goes with this. CHOMP!

Just a killer model for me all day. Yeaaas!

It was totally trying to rain for the first time in months when we took these, but the weather wised up and decided to pass. 

Dear future brides: If I ask you to climb a slippery rock wall, its because I have awesome things in mind. 


We encountered a minor threat, but were able to out run them.


As Zach says, I may have gotten "All Emosh" during the ceremony but managed to hold it together. Gah! brothers, they are so cute when they are all dressed up and they wouldn't stop looking at each other so sweetly.... and her dad, Ty, read a poem about love - getting a little emotional all over again!


Sawyer danced more than anyone else at the wedding!

Shout out to my Mom, Joann, Hanah, & Karen for making the finest homemade pies with locally picked berries! Sorry if you missed out.

Hand selected wedding bands by Cathy, MOH.

Photo booth Fun. #OhHappyHesers


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