Hayley Heser | Stormy + Mick | Wedding in Wolf Creek, Montana

Stormy + Mick | Wedding in Wolf Creek, Montana

September 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Stormy and Mick's wedding in Wolf Creek turned into one of the most eventful wedding days I've ever had. Lucky for us it ended in Sunshine, tons of beautiful moments, and only a little bit of running from sheets of rain. :)

I woke up to the sound of rain on Stormy and Mick's wedding day and with my phone saying 100% chance of rain for most of the day I figured although this wedding would be fun and beautiful I didn't think that there was a chance that it would have an outdoor ceremony like Stormy and Mick planned. When I arrived at Stormy and Mick's Aunt and Uncle's house we went ahead and classified the rain as "Pouring" ;) However, Stormy seemed cool and happy surrounded by her bridesmaids and family. Throughout the afternoon the drizzle lifted then came back in force. The clouds were cruising over the canyon socking us in and letting up again in a beautiful swirl. 


The groomsmen were total troopers and each stood in the rain for photos. While their shoulders were getting wet I was huddled under my ill positioned umbrella with rain running down my back. Which, you know, was refreshing. winning!

The rain started letting up so I grabbed Stormy for some bridal portraits and once again "Thank God for bridesmaids!" I was stoked about the light and how seriously stunning she is and they are like "uhh you better hurry up there is a WALL OF RAIN coming at you!" At like 50mph people! My assistant, Shannon, "Storm Watcher" was like "MOVE! NOW!" we got inside just in time! Sheets of rain and tiny hail hit the house just as we shut the door. But... look how amazing Stormy looks!! So worth it!

As that storm rolled through, Russ saw blue sky behind it and was determined to have the ceremony on the hill as they planned. Miraculously, the last of the drizzle stopped just minutes before the ceremony.


The sun, which I was not expecting to see, shined down on us just as we started their newlywed portraits. Mick was so sweet and supportive while Stormy was kind and easy to laugh. I loved being able to document this day for them. Scroll on to see their glorious first photos as a married couple. 

The brand new barn was decorated with so many handmade details. Check out the adorable gold deer on the top of their wedding cake. So stinkin' cute!

The evening was filled with so many special moments, including Stormy's dad singing the song for their first dance. "Forever & Ever, Amen" and Mick's brother singing a song wrote. My heart, guys. It hurt. 





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