Hayley Heser | 2015 Hayley Heser Photographer Wedding Highlights

2015 Hayley Heser Photographer Wedding Highlights

January 14, 2016  •  1 Comment

This definitely felt like the year of weddings for me. Because, you know, #weddingzRlife. ;) After laying the ground work for my photography business in the two previous years, my weddings jumped to 17 this year. Almost all of my new clients were referrals from from past clients, which is extremely flattering and wonderful! It's so amazing to have clients that I absolutely love sent to me from new and old friends. 

In addition, to my 17 weddings I could easily sum up my year in numbers:

52 - Between traveling and editing, I've become a Podcast junkie. I listened to all 52 This American Life episodes put out this year. Along with many, MANY, TED Radio hour, Radio Lab, Serial, and Grownups Read Things they Wrote as Kids episodes. If you need a recommendation for a new podcast, hit me up. I've listed to them all. 

20 - Number of flights I took this year including connections. I told myself when I quit my desk job, "I would travel, dang it!" And surprisingly I succeeded. I'm now one of those savy travelers that curls her hair in the airport bathroom and learned not to pack more than you can carry at a full sprint!

7600 - Road miles I traveled to weddings in the most gorgeous corners of Montana. I'm so thankful that I have an excuse to go to Bozeman, Helena, and Flathead. Keep the referrals coming, please!

1 Zillion - Hours I spent in class at WPPI photography conference, watching educational videos, and reading educational blogs this year. I know this is only the beginning of what my photography can be. 

3 - Photofriends that have made this journey that much better. Thank you Missy, Emily, and Sara for being my go-to and great friends!

And with that, Happy New Year! I'm excited for the new experiences that 2016 will bring!


Technically #18, a sweet vow renewal for my good friends, Wallis & Van was my first wedding of the year!



Jana Lehman(non-registered)
What a beautiful year you've had!! And what a pleasure that I've gotten to be a part of 3 (!!) of these gorgeous, special days. You are so talented, I can't wait to keep watching your photography! Yay to you, Hayley!!
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