Hayley Heser | Lindlee & Brandon | Wedding at Hyalite Youth Camp in Bozeman, Montana

Lindlee & Brandon | Wedding at Hyalite Youth Camp in Bozeman, Montana

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Lindlee and Brandon's wedding day is one that I have been looking forward to for a long time. Yet, their story is one of the most difficult for me to tell. Even before they got engaged, I feel like I've somewhat been on this journey with them from the beginning. There is so much that I could say about their early years, their relationship now, the strength of their character, the adventures we went on, the people who came in and out of our lives, those few brief months where I slept on an air mattress in Brandon's spare bedroom... However, I will do my best to share their love story. If my words don't do it justice, you'll see it in the photos. The way she holds his hand, how happy he is to see her standing in front of him on their wedding day, and the close cuddles all the way through. They are going into this marriage with a confident, calm, and faith based love that I know will bring them so much joy. I am absolutely honored to have stood up for them and I can't wait to see where this particular adventure takes them. 

 Brandon and Lindlee worked together at RightNow Technologies. Lindlee thought he was cute and started making excuses to talk to him. Lindlee didn't love hiking or even know what cross country skiing was when she first moved to Bozeman. However, after her girlfriends drug her up a few mountains and she met Brandon, someone with true love for everything Bozeman had to offer, she was hooked. Lindlee used to scoff at having to wear hiking shoes instead of moccasins and now she runs the Jim Bridger run and fishes with Brandon on their boat most weekends. With Brandon, she grew up into this adventurous soul who still loved to craft and make quilts. So self assured and true to herself that Brandon couldn't help but fall for her. Brandon too had a quiet confidence and a passion for an adventurous lifestyle. At his own pace, he found that he couldn't stay away from Lindlee. Which, as a result, meant lots of time with 5 or 6 of her best friends. We went to Music on Mains at first which turned into day trips to the Madison, camping trips, boating on the Yellowstone, and every holiday we could think of to throw a party. Our friend group watched their love grow slowly and surely into a friendship and compatibility that surprised us in the best way. It was so exciting, and dare I say, emotional to watch them walk down the isle and commit to forever.

These two created a style for their day that included Lindlees craftiness and appreciation of heirloom and (lets call it) homestead vintage. While Brandon brought his Kentucky roots, amazing taste for handmade pieces and a designers eye to blend theirs into an eclectic style that I loved. They chose Hyalite Youth Camp, possibly the most beautiful place in Bozeman, for their wedding and it fit their vibe perfectly. These two mixed old and new on her wedding day. Lindlee wore earrings made by her cousin Jane Reddig, her veil was the one her grandmother wore on her wedding day, and she found her dress online at Anthropology. She fell back on her florist experience and arranged dried flowers for her bouquets while Brandon designed the invitations and Lindlee's ring with a Yogo Sapphire. He made their boutonnieres from fishing flies and gifted all his groomsmen vintage Montana Belt buckles. Lindlee's mom, Carma, collected mismatched vintage dinner plates from thrift stores and sewed cloth napkins for all of the guests. Carma also made jars of jelly for every guest from fruit in her garden. Brandon's parents, Mike and Kay, brought family homemade wine from their grapes grown in Kentucky. They made the wine in 1988 and were saving it for Brandon's wedding! How neat is that? Plus, so so many more handmade touches. Including their wedding cake made by bridesmaid, amazing chef, and baker, Katie Taylor. Everyone contributed their own special talents to make their already heartstoppingly beautiful wedding at Hyalite even more sentimental. 

Vendors and Creatives who made this day amazing:

Venue: Hyalite Youth Camp

Catering: Roost

Dress: BHLDN

Wedding Bands: With These Rings

Engagement Ring: The Gem Gallery

Band: Holler n' Pine

Pies: Crust and Crumb Bakery

Wedding Cake: Katie Taylor



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