Hayley Heser | Tiffany & Reuben | Wedding at the Fort Peck Hotel

Tiffany & Reuben | Wedding at the Fort Peck Hotel

June 25, 2017  •  3 Comments

The minute Arielle and I walked in to the Fort Peck Hotel for Reuben and Tiffany’s wedding we could tell it was going to be a love filled day. Everyone was buzzing around doing their part to bring everything together. We loved spending the day with the Garner and Neufeld families. Both the bride and groom have large, loving, and supportive families who were there for these two. Whether it was set up, decorations, food, getting ready, emotional support, or even the addition of a beautiful classic car (more on that below!), the couple’s families had it all covered.

During a week where eastern Montana has felt like it is at the vortex of a wind tunnel, their Tuesday wedding, (Yes, Tuesday!) was miraculously mild, sunny, and warm. A seriously beautiful day in the little lake town of Fort Peck. During the day, Tiffany shared sweet "first looks" with her Dad and Reuben that were testing my ability to hold it together. (You'll see below) Even so, when Reuben saw Tiffany for the first time there was nothing but smiles and happiness. You could tell that they were so excited to be married!

When it came time for the ceremony, Tiffany was delivered to the front of the hotel in style! Her grandpa’s shining red classic car matched the wedding color (a deep red) perfectly, and Tiffany said she felt like she was in the movies riding in the car in her puffy white dress with her beautiful red rose bouquet. I think everyone was impressed when Tiffany and her Grandpa rolled in to the processional. 

In between dances, we snuck away for a quick trip to the water for Tiffany and Reuben’s sunset photos. It could not have been more beautiful, and it was easy to see just how happy they made one another. I loved capturing these moments for them.

Tiffany and Reuben, I hope your life together is just as beautiful and full of love as your wedding day! Congrats!


At the end of the evening, the guests cleared out the furniture from the lobby of the hotel and the party commenced! Everyone danced non-stop into the night and the joy from both families was so fun to watch.


Darla Hall(non-registered)
I have never seen Rueben so happy in the entire time I've known him. 'Rueben I am so happy for you and your new bride. Congratulations and may God bless you both with many many years of happiness.'
Kim Steeley(non-registered)
These photos are absolutely amazing! You did an outstanding job capturing their special day, thank you.
Karl & Pat Johnson(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures for a beautiful bride and handsome groom! We were so happy to be a part of Tiffany & Reuben's magical day ❤❤❤❤❤
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