Hayley Heser | Leticia and Kalynn Huber | Farm Wedding in Wolf Point

Leticia and Kalynn Huber | Farm Wedding in Wolf Point

July 07, 2017  •  1 Comment

Leticia and Kalynn joined their lives together in a beautiful wedding on the Huber farm last Saturday. Again, despite gusting northeastern Montana winds that occurred every other day in the week, their wedding day was amazingly warm and calm. Every detail of this farm wedding was artfully pulled together with tireless effort by the Toavs and Huber families. From the absolutely stunning purple blooms arranged by Friesen’s Floral, the cupcakes with tiny butterflies baked by Sun Mountain Sweets, to the backdrops and uplighting in the quancet they transformed the farm yard into something special for the day. 

It may have been a big moment for Leticia and Kalynn, but the wedding was just as immense for their three boys, Keenan, Liam, and Jace. The couple shared every part of their day with their boys, even ones you might not expect. Starting with their first look with Liam close by to a first dance with Keenan. From Leticia holding Jace, their youngest, while her Mom buttoned her dress to Liam patiently awaiting the first slice of cake. Jace even escaped grandpa and rushed the couple seconds before their first kiss! Nearly every moment the boys were in the mix.

This was such fun wedding to be a part of and it was especially awesome because it was only a few miles from the farm where I grew up. I'm so glad I can share my favorites with you below. Congrats Leticia and Kalynn! I hope you had the best wedding day!

Can we talk about what a gracious mother/sister/wife Leticia is? She spent the morning not only doing her own hair and makeup, but touching up her sisters makeup, dressing her boys in their bridal best, and pinning on her (future) husband’s corsage. Always a Mom, even as the bride; moments after she stepped in to her custom fitted wedding gown, her son, Liam said, “Mom, that dress is WAY TOO BIG for you!” and her youngest pulled on the lace in her skirt. He wanted his momma. She scooped him up while her mom and sister buttoned her up. She attended to details like these all day. Saving a moment with sweet smile and a gentle request she was truly amazing in all her roles including 'Bride.' 


Jessica Arneson(non-registered)
This was such a beautiful day. You could just feel the love and happiness! These pictures truly captured that!! Congrats again friends!!
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