Hayley Heser | Stephanie and Zac | Wedding at Roy's Barn and Lodge, Bozeman

Stephanie and Zac | Wedding at Roy's Barn and Lodge, Bozeman

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Let's talk about fate for a minute. You know when something really sh*tty happens to you... like you wreck your car or you break your ankle. Sometimes it is just that. Pure and simple, life being a jerk, but sometimes... it points you in exactly the direction you need to go. I feel like that is what happened to Zac and Stephanie. Life pushed them in a million directions until finally Zac injured his knee backpacking and happened to seek physical therapy from Steph's practice. It kind of reminds me of a Casablanca moment. "Of all the [PT clinics] in all the towns in all the world, [you] happened to walk into mine." or maybe it is like a country song, because I'm pretty sure, "God blessed the broken road that led [him straight to her]." From my view, that's what happened here. And it wasn't easy or simple. It wasn't a fairy tale, but kind of. When I see them together, I see two people that are crazy about each other and wanted it bad enough to make it work. Zac moved to California for an engineering job shortly after they met. They dated long distance until Stephanie decided to uproot herself from Montana and give love a chance. In the end we were all so happy that she did. As a couple on their wedding day, there couldn't have been more joy and support for the two of them. I'm so freaking thrilled to say "CONGRATULATIONS!!" to my friends, Stephanie and Zac, for their beautiful commitment to each other. (Crying happy tears emoji face) ;) 

 I'll let the pictures do most of the talking but I will say that this couple was blessed with a beautifully coordinated wedding day with so many friends and family offering their help. In addition, is was a day so sentimental with thoughtful touches from not only Steph and Zac but also their guests. Let's start with the fact that they had 16 people stand up with them. SIXTEEN. Friends that brought handmade scrapbooks and cards to make the day feel special. Some that offered their skills in makeup, decorating, music,.. and basically getting sh*t done. There was a surprise song dedication sung by Steph's cousins, a tree ceremony (from the Neubauer Tree Farm), a horse and carriage brought all the way from Wolf Point, and so much more. The day brought together so many wonderful and wild people that Steph and Zac have collected throughout their lives. The Zupan's and the Neubauer's are already fun loving families, just add in all their awesome friends, this wedding was guaranteed to be a good time. Steph and Zac are soo loved partly because... how can I put this, THEY ARE SUPER FUN! So much so that at least 10 people stood up to share stories and give heartfelt toasts after dinner. Tears and wild laughter can be seen in almost every photo. Steph and Zac, I had a blast spending the weekend with you. Thank you for including me in your festivities and once again, CONGRATS! 


Creatives, craftsmen, and vendors that made their day even more amazing:

Venue: Roy's Barn and Lodge

Bride's Dress: Belle en Blanc - Lilian West

Bride's Hair Stylist: Sarah Engholm

Bride's Makeup: Jaclyn Fearis

Tux Rental: Eskay Bridal

Engagement Ring: Ritani

Florist: Friesen's Floral and Greenhouse

Officiant: Trent Berg, Brother In-Law to the Bride

Music: Bull Mountain Boys

Catering: Gallatin Valley Catering

Clydesdale Horses and Chariot: Paul Sievers

Shout out to Tabitha for being a top shelf bridal assistant. Plus, Kendra Steppler and Nicole Patch for assisting me and second shooting throughout the day! 


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