Hayley Heser | Arrival of Baby Landon

Arrival of Baby Landon

February 11, 2018  •  1 Comment

Landon Jonathan Jared Haynie arrived at 10:05AM on February 10th, 2018. He weighed in at 6 pounds, 12 ounces and 20.5 inches long.

Britany and Josh were not the only ones patiently waiting for this little guys arrival. Britney and I have been lifting at her lunch hour during her entire pregnancy and at one of those sessions she asked me if I would photograph their birth story. I said, Heck Yes! I've wanted to photograph a birth for a while and had planned on capturing a couple but nothing had worked out yet. So, all week I've been anxiously on-call waiting for her to go into labor. Meeting her everyday at lunch and hearing how ready she was to meet this little guy. Watching him grow in his momma's belly all winter, spending a few hours a week with them, I felt the same. Although, maybe not as urgently as she did.. ;) 

After Britney and Josh's treacherous drive to Miles City for their appointment on Thursday, the roads closed behind them and they were told to stay in MC for induction. Another couple beat them in to labor with their doc on Thursday night so Friday morning Brit, Josh, and Landon started the process. Saturday morning I got the call that things were progressing and Lee and I headed to Miles City with snacks, reading material, and warm coats. It had been dumping snow all week and the temps the night before reached -66 below (with wind chill) in Miles City. A record of some sort, I'm sure. It was a great day to become a Montanan. ;) 

Upon arrival, we met with their families and learned that Britany had been taken in for a cesarean since she wasn't progressing as quick as they hoped and it was time for baby Landon to meet the world. Another minute and we turned around to see he had, in fact, made his arrival and was just then getting his first bath. 10 little fingers and 10 little toes, he was squishy and perfect. Britney was doing great in recovery while Josh stood by his son looking like a proud/scared dad while his parents, and their sisters oogled him through the window. I realized Brit was missing this, the first time Josh got to hold his son, his first bath, weight, and foot printing... I knew how much she would love to see these moments so I went to work with the only angle I had, through the viewing window. Lots of hugs, congrats, and first meetings carried on in the next few hours and while I didn't get to capture the entire birth story; contractions and all, I love being a fly on the wall during these huge, momentous, life changing, emotional days in my friends lives.

Congrats Mom and Dad. 


I had to share some Fit Mom inspiration because I've been so impressed with her determination to stay strong during her pregnancy.

It got up to 1 degree on the drive to Miles City, but settled at 16 below upon arrival. It rained this week. Thanks Montana.  Their student nurse Victoreya, told us this was her first birth and she was trying not to cry during the delivery. Their Doc, Dr. Harrold, said he's delivered 8000 babies in his career! Mind blown. 

Frosty hills and a pretty sunset on the way home.



Amazing shots, truly feels the story!
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