Hayley Heser | Randi + Daniel | Wedding at Roy's Barn in Bozeman

Randi + Daniel | Wedding at Roy's Barn in Bozeman

June 22, 2018  •  2 Comments

This was a day that made me fall for weddings all over again. And not because every detail was thoughtful and beautiful or because the location is one of my favorites on the planet. I mean, it was those things, BUT the family and guests in Randi and Dan's wedding were everything. So many times you could see them holding hands or wiping away each others tears. So many times you could find a meaningful look across the room or a toast that would make the receiver feel like they could take on the world. All of this stemmed from Randi and Daniel. A couple that were so in love, sweet and kind to each other. So happy to start their lives together and so appreciative of everyone that had gotten them this far. 

It was a beautiful day at Roy's Barn in Bozeman. Family and friends traveled from across the country and were rewarded with our signature indecisive weather patterns. A rainy morning gave way to quick cloud bursts that parted by afternoon when the earth was warmed by bright sunny skies. Randi and Daniel's guests enjoyed an outdoor cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, the most heartfelt toasts you've ever heard, a sparkler exit, and all the finest desserts. These pictures tell it better than I can, so scroll on friends, scroll on. 

But First, Cheers to Randi and Daniel!!


(Lobster Socks) Because "She's his Lobster!" If you watch "Friends" you get it. 

Daniel wore his Grandfather's ID tag

Randi wore a heart sewn from one of her Dad's old shirts. 


They were both a big fan of the chickens 

Honey from a friend in Sheridan was bottled by Dan and Glen


Dan made a cheesecake for Randi the first time he visited her in Ohio. She reported she was "History" after that! :)     

Vendors, Craftsman, and Artists that made their day even more amazing. 

Invitations: Feel Good Invites

Rings: Worthington Jewelers

Wedding Gown and Veil: Eskay Bridal

Suits and Bridesmaid Dresses: Eskay Bridal

Hair Stylist: Carissa Seconda

Makeup Artist: Mesa Pfeifer

Florist: Budget Bouquet and More

Cake Artist: Montana Cake Whisperers

DJ: Bozeman DJ

Caterer: Pepper Tree Deli

Officiant: Reverand Keith Anderson

Special thanks to one of my best friends, Rebekah Hall, for driving the 6 hours from Couer D'Alene to assist me at this wedding!


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Beautiful Wedding! Cheers to an amazing future filled with blessings and love!
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Wow! Beautiful!
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