Hayley Heser | Testimonials


We worked with a lot of great people for our wedding. If I could only recommend one, it would be Hayley, one million times over. She was so relaxed and laid back which is just our style. She helped us put together a timeline for the day, including what time we should actually start our ceremony. She helped us with a shot list, and was very flexible and patient with us when we added a bunch of family shots we wanted on our wedding day. She captured some amazing moments and was so sneaky that I didn't even see her half of the time! Our wedding day went by so quickly, and her blog is a great place for us to look at to help us remember the day we took months to plan. She is so nice, fun, patient, and professional and captures such great memories. So if you're reading this and are looking for a great photographer for your wedding, stop here...you've found the best!


How amazing is Hayley Heser at photography? Words literally can't describe the fantastic experience my new husband and I had with Hayley shooting our wedding day! She brings such a positive flow to an otherwise crazy day! Down to what our schedule for the day was, she created it! I just followed along! What a blur it really was, and she did the BEST job capturing every moment effortlessly. Down to her BLOG of the day, her attention to all my details, was so important to me, not knowing it until I got my pictures back! She and Shannon, were such a good time, really kept everyone relaxed and goofy, with this incredible flare of professionalism. THANK YOU, thank you Hayley for making me look and feel beautiful, having me pose certain ways, and just telling Andrew what to do, so we didn't have to feel awkward or uncomfortable! My entire wedding album is amazing.... I literally haven't stopped looking at every picture! I would use Hayley Heser Photography for every other event in my life, which I hope she's ready for!!


Hayley is the BEST. And I know, because she has photographed 4 weddings that I have been in (3x a bridesmaid and once as the bride). Hayley is so easy to work with, she has a great sense of humor is amazingly talented. She attends to every detail and shines at catching the most moving moments. My day was such a blur of joy and excitement, and she fully documented not only what was going on for the bride and groom, but for our guest too, which is a true treasure. I seriously laughed out loud, and cried, and gasped, and gushed when I saw our pics. By far, the best decision, other than marrying my husband of course, was hiring Hayley. The. Best. Ever.


Hayley did our engagement photos last June and was so incredibly accommodating! She met us in the middle of the country at an old church she had never been to before and proceeded to take the most amazing photos! She’s so easy to work with and so laid back. I think the best part of our session was that she got my fiancé, who is quiet, introverted and uneasy around new people, to totally relax and be himself almost immediately! And it totally showed in the photos. The finished photos were beautiful. Immediately we booked her for our wedding coming up in June. I can’t wait to work with her again! If I could give Hayley more than five stars, I would. She is the very best! 


Hayley Heser is an amazingly talented photographer! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a fun, energetic, and creative photographer. She was very willing and excited to hike to Sacagawea Peak (highest peak) in the Bridger Mountains when we suggested it for our engagement photos. And coming from someone who doesn’t feel extremely comfortable getting their picture taken, Hayley put us both at ease and made us laugh which made our engagement photos amazing and natural - way beyond my expectations. She knows how to capture the best moments. I am so excited for her to take our wedding photos! Highly, highly recommended. 


Hayley is an amazing photographer! I used her for both my engagement and wedding photos and couldn’t be more happy! Her photos are excellent, especially the way she uses lighting. She knows exactly what photos to take and poses to do, you don’t even need to tell her because she is such a natural! I trusted her instinct and judgement and got all pics I wanted and more! Hayley really goes above and beyond and feels like a friend! With everything she does you will truly get more than you pay for. I am so glad I found Hayley to capture all my special moments! 


Hayley is an amazing photographer!!! I can hardly put into words how beyond happy I am with our engagement pictures. She made the entire experience so much fun for us and captured so many beautiful photos. I love how interactive she is...made it a breeze for us! I will be recommending her to everyone for sure. So pumped that she lives nearby and can photograph future family moments for us. :) So incredibly excited for our wedding day with you, Hayley!