Hayley Heser | Wedding Info

Happy Engagement! I'm so excited for you!!!

Right now you are at the beginning of creating something amazing, not just a wedding but a marriage.

When it’s over, you get to keep three things; your groom, your dress, & your photos. THAT’S IT.

I’m all about capturing those long looks, the crack ups, and the teary eyes so you will never forget this whirlwind of a day. 

I cannot wait to meet the two of you and hear more about the wedding that you are dreaming of!


Weddings with me always include --

Help creating a custom wedding day photo schedule

Sneak peeks of your images within days, if not, hours of your wedding night

High res, professionally edited images delivered in 6 weeks

Online Image Gallery to Share, Download, and Print


Average wedding investment starts at $2200 | Engagement Sessions $300


Sound Good? Contact Me! 

(406)672-9266 | Hello@HayleyHeser.com